i love my red lipstick

I discovered this model a while ago when I started on flickr. And I had nothing to show, nothing interesting. Then I changed my uploads and I kept on commenting her photos. She came back on my stream and started to comment as well. She is the kind of « friend » you want to have. She doesn’t stay blocked on an idea of you that never changes, she comes back… well, this is not the only thing I like about (a)muse me…

parallel lines

And if you knew the kind of secrets she keeps for her contacts listed as « friends » you’d probably be jalous…


I like (a)muse me also because she is not the perfect girl showing off. She’s a girl, the way she is and what she shows has style, energy, life. I do believe this things go deeper in our hearts than all the sugar they put on the cakes to hide them.

self portrait

(a)muse me is also on the other side of the camera. She can be on both side at the same time actualy.

noir polas

If you don’t see unity in the choices I made for the photo… it is normal, it is because you are blind.


neko chan