Here is the thing: parallelograms is a project by Jeff Enlow who needs your help.

Parallelograms is a nude portrait project that aims to bridge the gap between photography and painting; creating a one-of-a-kind image that evokes a sense of beauty, vulnerability and mystery of the nude body.

The project breaks from classic portraiture by using multiple exposures allowing your eye to wander through the intersecting and diverging shapes of the body.

Up until now all images were shot on the discontinued 4×5 Fuji FB45 instant film.
The next step is to shoot a portfolio of images on the rarest of all films – the massive 20×24 Polaroid. 
The size and detail of the 20×24 Polaroid is unmatched and it is the only format to truly give justice to these images.

Though, with Polaroid out of business, the film hasn’t been produced in years and the stock of film is quickly disappearing making using the camera a very expensive undertaking.

That is why I am turning to you and Kickstarter to help me continue my project.

By donatinghere, you will help with the rental costs and cost of film; and in return, you’ll receive some cool gifts.

By sharing the project, you can help me spread the word and get it to as many people as we can.
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If instagram or Tumblr is more your thing, I have a host of images ready to be shared here.

And if you are interested in blogging about the project, you can get resources here, or I am more than happy to talk to you about it, you can email me here.

Or just follow me at all the links above for updates. There will be lots of blogging along the way, so check the Kickstarter page for updates.

With your help, you are giving me invaluable support to continue pushing this project forward

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